About Saffluence

Our Philosophy


At saffluence magazine, we will create and curate smart, simple, savvy lifestyle content that will inspire and elevate the conversation among modern South Asian Americans and catalyze the community through shared collective ideas.


Our vision is to become the destination of choice for South Asian Americans by creating a trusted source of content and community to foster productive conversations & relationships.  This first-of-its-kind community platform will ignite conversations that matter and will help energize individual members.

Core Values:  Be HAPPII 

Be Honest:  Keep your word to others and yourself.  Don’t over-promise.

Be Authentic:  Be Real.  Don’t be a company or a marketing droid. Be a person and speak to others as individuals whether it is your colleague or your consumer.

Be Passionate: Care about what you are doing every day and in everything.  Believe in yourself and what you are doing.  Do more than you think is possible.  Push the limits & question the status quo.

Be Purposeful:  Don’t do anything without a reason.  Be efficient.  Always deliver and meet commitments.

Be Inspiring:  Do things you are proud of and always challenge yourself to do more.  Take the time to mentor and teach because, while your time is valuable, what you impart can be invaluable. Remember, karma counts 🙂

Be Inspired:  Actively listen and be open to new ideas.  Get out of your comfort zone.  Welcome the differences and look for opportunities in unexpected places.