Line Up! 4 Long-Lasting Eyeliners We Love

long-lasting eyelinerEyeliner — or kohl, as many of our moms knew it — is one of those makeup essentials that few South Asian women go without. Whether you love wearing a dramatic cat-eye, subtle line or a fully smoked-out eye, the perfect long-lasting eyeliner can help achieve any desired look.

We know that every woman has her trade secret items in her beauty bag, so this week we gathered a few friends at the 230 5th Rooftop bar to drink some bubbles and chat about our our favorite long-lasting eyeliners.

Saffluence Cocktail Party Beauty

My Long-Lasting Eyeliner Pick: MAC Pro Longwear Eyeliner in Black Ice and Mountain Air

Why I Love It: So many pencil eyeliners get that blunt edge, and you never seem to be able to get a nice, smooth application — even after sharpening. This problem used to make me dread even putting on eyeliner, until I found the MAC Pro Longwear Eyeliner, $19.50. This product is so creamy and glides on so smoothly, there’s barely any work in applying it. Plus it is truly a long-lasting eyeliner for all-day wear.

How I Wear It: I line the inside of my eyes for work for a more subtle look and then turn up the notch for nighttime by lining the outside and adding a mini cat-eye. The navy blue liner on the inner eye (Mountain Air) also really adds a pop of color to your eye if you’re feeling fun!



My Long-Lasting Eyeliner Pick: e.l.f. Studio Cream Eyeliner Pot and Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner in black

Why I Love It: I love the e.l.f. Studio Cream Eyeliner, $3.00, because it is really affordable and a great buy for its quality. This cream liner comes in a pot and is super rich in pigment with a really smooth texture — perfect for smudging out and creating a smokey look. I also love the Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner, $16.00, which comes as a felt-tipped pen for easy application. This liner lasts so long that it’s almost hard to take off!

How I Wear It: I usually wear a thin line on the top lid for everyday. If I’m trying to go for a more dramatic look, I’ll line with cream first, go over it with liquid and then line the waterline and bottom lash line with the cream and smudge it out. I always wear a cat-eye though — it does wonders to make your eyes pop!



My Long-Lasting Eyeliner Pick: Shahnaz Husain Shaeyes Herbal Kohl and the Dalton Aqua D Pure Gel Eyeliner Pencil in Noir

Why I Love It: I have been looking for the best eyeliner combination of ease and staying power for ages and feel like I have finally found it through a combination of two fabulous eyeliners.  The Shahnaz Husain Shaeyes Herbal Kohl, $7.49, easily glides on and is like a stick version of my mom’s kajal pot I used growing up. Although it goes with a quick swipe and has great definition, it has a tendency to smudge during the day.  To combat the smudging, my latest obsession is the brand new Aqua D Pure Gel Eyeliner Pencil by Dalton Cosmetics Collection, $32.88.  This incredible gel eyeliner not only glides on without tugging but also lasts forever.

How I Wear It: For everyday I use the Dalton liner on my inner rims, and for a dressy look I use the Kohl first and then go over it with Dalton (so it stays put) and then line the outer lash line for more drama.

Prabhalya - Saffluence

My Long-Lasting Eyeliner Pick: MAC Eye Pencil in black

Why I Love It: This basic eyeliner is perfect for everyday wear. It goes smoothly without smudging, and I love how it enhances the eyes without creating that raccoon effect!

How I Wear It: For everyday, I just line my top lids with the MAC Eye Pencil, $16.00, and smudge it out quickly with my finger for an easy smokey look. For going out out, I’ll line the bottom lid and add liquid liner on top. Super easy!


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